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Less government.
More courage.

“Leadership requires wisdom, decency, and courage. In this time of extremism and uncertainty, when our faith is too often shaken, we must elect leaders who fight for us, who believe in our shared values, and who want to leave our children a country that lives up to the hopes we had as children.”

Steve Fanelli

Steve walking and huging a girl

Steve believes it is time to replace fear and uncertainty with hope …

The career politicians in Washington have abandoned optimism, changing our country and our identity—but Steve Fanelli thinks it’s time we fought back and reminded ourselves what it means to be proud, hardworking Americans.

Steve holding hands with a woman

… and restore our country to one of courage, grace, and faith in the American Dream.

Steve Fanelli will lean on real experience and American decency to put an end to radical extremism and return to the days when hard work, family values, and faith in oneself were the foundation of a prosperous nation.

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