Vision, Issues & Values

The career politicians in Washington have abandoned optimism, changing our country and our identity—but Steve Fanelli thinks it’s time we fought back and reminded ourselves what it means to be proud, hardworking Americans.

As a private citizen, businessman, and family man, my desire is to represent real people, real needs, and real issues. I am a strong conservative, but first and foremost I am an American. What matters to most people doesn’t necessarily get reflected in many political battles or media-hyped “controversies.”

Our opponents have been focusing on issues and controversies contrived by a vocal minority and by media pundits. Core issues like the price of gas and food, public safety, the border, and education are off the table and, instead, we see debates about what genders exist, what pronouns to use, and other matters that very few people are worried about.

Ending the mandates. We need to follow science, not political agendas. We need to always keep in mind that our precious freedoms cannot be subordinated to a spirit of fear and alarmism. At the same time, we must remain mindful of public health and safety.

Financial relief now.  Historically high inflation, supply-chain disruptions, labor shortages and massive debt-spending are creating a massive burden that must be lifted from the American people.

The Leadership Our Country Needs Right Now

About Steve

Steve Fanelli is a successful, dedicated husband, father, entrepreneur, and community volunteer who has spent his professional and family life in service to others. Steve Fanelli wants to take that passion, energy, and drive to Congress in the service of the families, seniors, and young adults of Chester and Berks counties. Steve built his life in the 6th Congressional District and is proud to call our community home.

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