Putting Family Values & Hard Work First

Steve Fanelli is a true and loyal son of Chester County. A believer in courage and compassion; in doing what’s right more often than what’s easy. Steve is running for Congress because he believes that we must elect leaders who fight for us, who believe in our shared values, and who want to leave our children a country that lives up to the hopes we had as children.

Steve’s parents, Thomas and JoAnn Fanelli, met in high school. Both were born and raised by first generation Italian-American parents in Philadelphia. After serving in the Army, Thomas worked as a painter and paper hanger until he and his brother, John, started a successful home building company. With JoAnn managing the office, the family business grew out to the suburbs of Philadelphia in Delaware County and areas in Penn Township and Glenmoore, PA.

Steve’s a lot like his parents. He believes in family. He believes in working hard and giving back to his community. He believes in setting an example that prepares the next generation to succeed as previous generations have.

When Steve graduated from Villanova, he very quickly started his own small business, charting his own course to success. And he did it right here in Chester County.

In 1987, Steve moved to Willistown Township, lived on a family farm, and launched a small outdoor fencing company called Mount Eden Fence. Within a few years the company grew exponentially, changing its name along the way, but never its mission: to work with integrity, give back to the community, and employ the incredible talent living right here in Chester County. Today the fencing company Steve launched still faithfully serves the great people of Berks and Chester counties.

Steve’s proudest achievement in business was to grow his company’s workforce from a close-knit group of three employees in the early days to a team of more than 40, servicing clients across the eastern United States.

But it all started on the family farms, the elementary schools, the little league baseball fields, and the family homes in Chester County. It’s here – through relationships personal and professional – where Steve will be forever rooted.

It is these roots and relationships that have compelled Steve for many years to give back and volunteer in his spare time. A championship lacrosse player in his own right, Steve has worked as a coach, board member, and mentor to hundreds of young athletes at West Chester Youth Lacrosse in the last two decades. He was instrumental in growing the program from 175 participants to more than 965 boys and girls involved in the program last year.

Steve has also dedicated his time to Thorncroft, a world-renowned therapeutic equestrian center in Malvern. The programs at Thorncroft specialize in horseback riding and other equine-assisted activities for children and adults with mental, emotional, and physical disabilities. Its founders, Sally and Saunders Dixon, have been an inspiration to Steve and all of those who are lucky enough to know them.

As you may have guessed, Steve is an avid outdoorsman, a passion nurtured by weekend trips to his grandfather’s rustic hunting cabin in Tioga County. Steve’s father taught him how to hunt and shoot as a boy in those Northern Pennsylvania woods. And he might even tell you he loves that cabin so much he doesn’t mind the early morning sprints to the outhouse in the middle of December.

Steve resides today in West Chester with his wife Donna and their children Max, Nicholas, and Ava.

The family’s yellow lab, Maty, can reliably be found by Steve’s side or in the flatbed of his pickup, always ready for an adventure.

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