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I will be proud and honored to serve the families, young people, and seniors of the 6th Congressional District. I believe in representative government to serve the needs and aspirations of the community, without regard to special interests.


Inflation & Economy

The failed policies of the present administration have led to a perfect storm of historic levels of inflation even as Americans recover from the pandemic.

The strength of our nation’s economy is paramount to its success.  Access to capital, education, training and diverse markets without burdensome regulation and taxation are vital to a vibrant economy. We must modernize our supply chains, ports and cyber capabilities along with restoring our energy independence to maintain our commercial strength. It is imperative that we lessen our dependence on foreign nations to provide us with essential goods and critical components for manufacturing.

Sound fiscal policy aimed at reining in wasteful spending, which is almost wholly debt based, is needed now.

National Security

The most important function of the government is to provide for the common defense.  A strong military, impenetrable cyber defenses and secure borders are essential components to a functioning democracy.  Locally, our security is only as strong as our first responders. We must support law enforcement, EMS, firefighters and all the men and women who risk their lives to protect and serve the community.

America was strong and energy independent before President Biden used his pen to take our energy production offline, causing the price of energy to rise and giving Russia more power.  I will fight to restore our energy independence.

Border Security & Immigration Reform

A secure and safe border is one of the first duties of government in order to protect against disease, terrorism, and illegal incursion.  While the Democrats promote open borders, I will sponsor legislation to secure our southern border immediately as well as reach across the aisle to find areas of agreement on improving the legal immigration process.


I will fight to give parents control over their children’s education.  I will propose legislation requiring federal funding to be tied to a commitment by school districts to publish all curriculum for parental review online.  CRT, transgender pronouns and political indoctrination have no place in the classroom.  Teachers must teach children how to think, not what to think, while providing them with the tools they need be successful, productive adults.  We must keep our taxpayers in mind by making sure education dollars are spent wisely in pursuit of these goals.


I am pro-life and feel in my heart that we should respect human life from its very beginning.  I am thankful that my beautiful daughter’s birth mother chose adoption over abortion.  Ultimately, we must save as many lives as possible while providing for the needs of the mother and find a way to balance the rights of both.

As a congressman I will work to sponsor legislation ending all federal funding of abortion, both at home and abroad.  I will support solutions that will eliminate the need for abortion, such as adoption, prenatal care, pregnancy prevention programs and education for teens.


I am an avid outdoorsman and believe in maintaining the natural beauty of our state by protecting and preserving our natural resources.  Providing clean air, clean water and the preservation of our state and national parks promotes a higher quality of life for all citizens.

Foreign Policy

A strong foreign policy depends upon funding a strong national defense, maintaining a thriving economy, re-establishing energy independence, pursuing fair trade agreements, and decrying tyranny and oppression. We must demonstrate to the world our ability to live and govern according to our founding principles.

Domestic Policy

The US Constitution and the Bill of Rights limit the power of the government not the power of We the People.  I am a firm supporter in common sense conservative solutions, small government and freedom.  Mask and vaccine mandates are contrary to individual liberty and I am against them.  I will support programs that offer equal opportunity for all and discourage entitlement programs that lead people to dependency.  I will ensure that Social Security and Medicare remain solvent providing a safety net for seniors and those in need.